Red Audrey and the Roping

“A lyrical, passionate novel about desire, about danger, and about the need for self-forgiveness. A wonderfully impressive writing debut.” -Sarah Waters

“Jill Malone’s Red Audrey and the Roping is a terrific debut novel—a sharply-written, entertaining tour of the landscape between longing and regret.” -Jess Walter

“Red Audrey and the Roping is so fresh, so beautifully observed that I simply couldn’t put it down. This is a literary gem that’s hard to categorize: it isn’t a romance but it is a love story, or perhaps more correctly, the story of a woman’s search for herself through love. One of the best books I’ve read this year.” -Ellen Hart

“A surfer chick who teaches Latin! The smart, adrenaline-addicted protagonist of Red Audrey and the Roping is irresistible. But that’s just the beginning. This fierce and tender meditation on grief deepens with every page, eventually-miraculously-delivering even the meaning of love.” -Lucy Jane Bledsoe

“Red Audrey and the Roping is one of the most memorable first novels you will ever read.” -Val McDermid

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