Jill with her son Gavin


Jill Malone grew up in a military family, went to German kindergarten, and lived across from a bakery where they put small toys, like train engines, into chocolate, and the gummi bears were the size of mice. In the South, she caught tree frogs, and played kickball. She has lived on the East Coast, and in Hawaii, and for the last seventeen years in Spokane with her son, two dogs, a hedgehog and a lot of outdoor gear. She looks for any excuse to play guitar. Jill is lately married to a former radical-cheerleading, performance artist, addiction counselor who makes the best risotto on the planet. It was a Day-of-the-Dead affair.

She took Latin from a hot professor at the University of Hawaii, and had this idea for a novel. Like most writers, she has a sketchy career path.

Red Audrey and the Roping, her first novel, was a Lambda finalist, and won the third annual Bywater Prize for Fiction.

Her second novel, A Field Guide to Deception, was a finalist for the 2010 Ferro-Grumley, and won the Lambda Literary award. In 2013, A Field Guide to Deception won the Great Northwest Book Festival.

Giraffe People, her latest novel, is available now in fine stores near you. Here’s a lovely review of Giraffe People from Out in Print.┬áIf you’re curious, read Jill’s blog.


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