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I’m having a hard time.

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I'm having a hard time.

My buddy has been talking to me about the smell of god.  About how these stories we keep hearing, of women finally leaving dangerous relationships after years of patterning, or having to let go of everything—everything—that you value about yourself, how these shifts … Read more

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I’m impatient with the notion that someone in a lesbian relationship is the boy.  Butch.  Femme.  These concepts predate my dating experience.  I’ve dated girls who wear makeup, and girls who demolish houses, and athletic girls, and librarian girls, and crybabies and tough guys.  I’ve … Read more

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List of self

Let’s be clear about what you’ve learned.

1.  Living alone is kind of awesome.  You can blog at 4 a.m., or open the curtains at dawn.  You can clear every surface in the house.

2. A failed relationship is NOT a personal failure.  It’s a … Read more

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Among the ducks

When you see ducks, you think of mites.  Disease.  The one, brief girl who let all her birds fly around her apartment loose.  Smears of shit even on the bed.  You have rarely watched them, domesticated, play in kiddie pools, and splash in the garden … Read more

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In an extended email exchange with my editor, she wrote, “We can discuss Giraffe People in NOLA.”

(Giraffe People is my third manuscript.  NOLA is New Orleans, where we will be attending Saints & Sinners Literary Festival together.  Now you know as much as I … Read more

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Rule Book, Volume 1

First, I want to say that I love my friends.  They are supportive and nurturing beyond all imagining.  And they are very very funny.  While they have been commiserating with me about my breakup, they have also been laughing, heartily, and at length, the moment … Read more

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Survey Says

So, here’s the exciting news:  my website is currently the project of an ambitious design student.  And this initial process involves detailing the steps we’ll take to create a more innovative and effective site.  What do I mean “we”?

Well, I get to answer vision … Read more

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I used to feel that I spent an inordinate amount of time writing about grief.  Particularly during the writing of Field Guide, I resisted giving the proper weight to the aunt’s death, because I didn’t want to.  I kept thinking about my mother’s comment, “Why … Read more

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What is sleep in the end, but another way to forget?  And why would you?  Why would you forget any of it?  You have marked the world with your memory.  Written stories of your experience as though the story might explain it.

Name it.

Heart.  … Read more

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