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It’s interesting how anger must be nursed in order to sustain over time. Time and attention must be paid to its cultivation.  It must be nurtured. A 53-year-old woman told me last night that she has finally learned to love her mother without destroying herself.  … Read more

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Suppose you believe in soul mates.  Not halves.  Never halves.  An additional whole.  The entire fucking thing.

Suppose you feel the effortlessness of connectivity for the first time.

Suppose it sings through you.

The war is over someplace.  My arms laid down.  My boots.

I … Read more

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When I was twenty-three, a buddy of mine took me out for lunch, and attempted, over oysters, to prove I am not intense.

“I hate intense people,” he said.  “You’re not intense.  You’re pragmatic.  You’re a pragmatic artist.  You seem intense because people don’t know … Read more

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How long do you hold?

Fortified.  I’ve been thinking a great deal about this word lately.  It started with the soy milk.  Fortified.

Sometimes, unhappiness becomes comforting in its familiarity.  Its habit.

We might all mean well and still fuck up horrifically.

Fortified.  How have I let my reserves become … Read more

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Did you see me? Did you see?

What kind of proof do we require?  Gavin thinks I don’t really know what has happened, if I don’t actually see the event transpire.

“Stop kicking me.”

“I’m not kicking you.”

“Yes.  You are.”

“You can see me?”

“No.  I can feel your foot kicking … Read more

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Conspiring on our behalf

My buddy has informed me that the universe is conspiring on our behalf.  This, I have to say, is curious news.  Several of my close friends have had their houses broken into, their shit stolen, or trashed.  Two others have been laid off.  One has … Read more

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The great migration

My buddy is coming back to town after months of sketchy wandering. She told me she continues to leave in order to return.  I used to have that old military kid anxiety.  3 years:  itchy and distraught, ready for a new town, a new house, … Read more

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We’re watching HELLO KITTY fairytales.  They’re actually surprisingly faithful, which is to say, grim and magic, with body counts and near escapes.  And it occurred to me, watching a puffy white cat play Snow White, how curious this old story’s exploration of beauty and fairness … Read more

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Sliding Doors

Do you know this Gwyneth Paltrow movie?  It’s older, and vaguely disappointing, but the premise is sound.  A woman misses a subway, and catches a subway, and in either scenario her life plays out in wildly different ways.  After she catches the subway, she makes … Read more

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Too reality?

Well, I got ten pages before I started to feel a little bored by the whole thing.  A bookstore, a girl, quirky characters.  Haven’t I already done this?  As a sketch, I’m pleased with it.  But I just don’t see the objective.

Why is it … Read more

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