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I finally understand that my third novel is circular.  It’s an exploration of memory, and all the errors, and reconstructions such an exploration requires:  photographs, music, story, place, the pieces we use to build the incident over again.  And how reliable is our building, our … Read more

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The stuff that makes stuff up

Gavin’s most recent obsession is with skin and bone and muscle.  Do tables have bones?  What holds your skin up?  What happened to Harry Potter’s bone?  What happens to our skin when we die?  Look, I’m lifting this with my muscles.

We’ve been talking about … Read more

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The fall

I got to hear Dave Brubeck’s quartet last week, and then, the following night, The Lincoln Center Orchestra, featuring Wynton Marsalis, and the best players going. It was interesting to feel the difference—in performance, and song selection, and energy, and solos.  I admired the Lincoln … Read more

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I rarely write longhand.  Generally, I type my way through manuscripts, though I’ll jot down dialogue or a scene idea in a journal if it occurs to me sometime in the night.  But this weekend, I wrote multiple scenes longhand.  Even edited, and rewrote several … Read more

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I shot hoops today with my father.  I can’t tell you the last time I’ve done that.  Years certainly.  But this morning I woke up with the craving inside me.  The leather ball, the dart of the feet, the quick targeting, the flick of the … Read more

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From this distance, I’m not certain how the misunderstanding occurred. Perhaps someone had shown me a new translation, an updated NIV or something, but I had come to believe that the New Testament had been written when my father was a child.  I remember, as … Read more

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Yesterday, while strolling around the house, I dropped in on a conversation between a couple of my characters.  And then, another scene, and another.  Just like that.  After 6 weeks of nothing, I get three in a row. 

Last night, I dreamt a couple of … Read more

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Drum circle

I have a djembe drum, and used to play it for Gavin when he was an infant, and sing nursery rhymes.  He’d dance in this joyful, mad way.

Last night, a buddy of mine played in a drum circle onstage, and various members of the … Read more

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We interrupt this regularly scheduled blog to bitch

Bitch bitch bitch.  My second book should have been out in May. Whatever, missed that, look forward, more time with the edit, more time for promotion, more more more.

Fine.  Then it’s supposed to be out in August.  Uh huh.  Yeah, missed those deadlines too.  … Read more

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Portland is my favorite city in the Northwest.  I love the food, and the style, and the rain, and the consciousness.  I love the Max, and the markets, and the devotion to kickass caps, and androgynous girls. 

Over this long weekend, I envied the bike … Read more

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