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And now for something completely random

I’ve got the tattoo bug again.  I’m thinking something you’d expect on a coat of arms—especially an image that incorporated an archer.  I have god on my belly, and a honu on my forearm, and it’s time for something emblematic and mythic on a grander … Read more

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Of guides

This has been a weird period of writing.  This weekend, I wrote myself to a place with unlimited possibility.  And whenever I find myself in such a place—a pivotal juncture—I know that it’s best to give myself time, not to try to write and delete … Read more

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Adverbs and other tendencies

I made that comment yesterday about Gaiman liking adverbs a bit too much, and I thought I’d be clearer today.  It’s his use of utterly. Actually, to give more clarity still, on the edit of Red Audrey, my editor told me that I’d used … Read more

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The climbing wall of water

I’m dreaming scenes now, or, to be more specific, I have scenes, when I wake.  I wake to slivers of them—two or three—some dialogue, a couple of characters, a sense of momentum.  My brain is not letting the story go anymore.  Not breaking away from … Read more

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A writer reads

Last night I had the pleasure of attending Stephanie Kallos’ reading at Auntie’s Bookstore. She’s promoting her new book, Sing Them Home.

It has begun to feel novel when an author reads from her work. Lately, readings have actually been lectures and little more. Kallos’ … Read more

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A void character turns

I’ve been thinking about writing classes lately. M.F.A. programs get targeted sometimes as though they were preposterous endeavors—how can you teach anyone to write?—but I’m glad I went to one. I learned to look at writing in a different way—completely apart from a reader. I … Read more

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Guidelines 1

Introduction > Development > Payoff. This is the formula for good writing. Your conflict should be introduced, developed and paid off. Think of it as a cocktail, if you mix the ingredients out of proportion, it’s going to be nasty to drink. For instance, Stephenie … Read more

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Dress rehearsal

You know the extrovert costume? I can wear it for a while. When I’ve got it on, I can mingle and schmooze and be perfectly at ease. It’s not even phony, just temporary. A thing I can take off in order to be more comfortable. … Read more

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Race for the cure

The first time I ever saw Law & Order was that episode with Jill Hennessy and the fake breast cancer treatment that was really just a peach smoothie. Do you remember that episode? All the doctor’s patients died on this alternative treatment. And the reason … Read more

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A note about royalties

As a kid, I went to the library multiple times a week. Read through all their youth books, and into the classics on my own, in addition to the books my parents read me. We bought books too, of course. Those Scholastic book order forms … Read more

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