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Just like that she is done she is done. Just like that she is done.

My application packet is assembled and ready for delivery. I just had to say I was paralyzed with fear for the fear to vanish. I am free. Practically.

I was watching the Matrix Reloaded (the second one) yesterday when I was supposed to be writing … Read more

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Curriculum Vitae

I am freaking myself out. When I was in elementary school, I decided to be a teacher—to teach History. That was the plan all the way into college, when I discovered that English Literature was significantly more compelling. My junior year I took this fiction/poetry … Read more

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Post-Buzz and Still Dreaming

The thing about art is that it has to be manic. The crest and trough heaving is necessary to be able to experience and capture and elucidate the joy and folly of living. When you find yourself surrounded by nurturing, intelligent women with educated opinions … Read more

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In graduate school, a woman I was in love with gave me a copy of Jeanette Winterson’s “The Passion” and promised it would change me.  And it did.  It was an uncomfortable read.  Mad and operatic.  Typical of Winterson in its tone and mode, as … Read more

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Hello gin and tonic

Editors.  I love a good editor.  They see story and character, structure and theme like pieces on a chess board.  Yeah, the knight is stuck behind the castle, and you need to move him over here to support the queen.  And just like that, something … Read more

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Women’s Week in Provincetown – I’ll be participating in the following events

Wednesday, October 15th

1:00 p.m.  Group reading in the Madeira Room at the Vixen with a book signing afterwards at Now Voyager.

Thursday, October 16th

 2:00 p.m.  Bywater Group Book signing at Womencrafts with Cynn Chadwick, Jill Malone, Marianne K. Martin, Val McDermid and Mari

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Lambda Book Report Interview by Bett Norris


1)   First, congratulations on a wonderful book. What is your writing process like? Do you work from an outline of ideas or scenes, a roadmap of sorts? Do you let the characters pull you forward through the narrative? (BN)

Thank you.  “Red Audrey” started as
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The Thin Veil of I

First person is a tricky thing sometimes. It makes the story more immediate and direct, more story-like. But, depending on the character, the reader may begin to see the narrator and the writer as the same creature. Confessional poetry lends itself to this blur. Sylvia … Read more

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I’m contemplating a murder. I can see it: the body, and two teenagers. And part of me is concerned that as a writer, I’m becoming ghoulish, and part of me is intrigued by this notion. In Alice Munro’s short stories, the characters are frequently informed Read more

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Joss Whedon (I’m a major fan of this brilliant guy — creator of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, etc.) said that conviction is what makes evil different. Conviction is why fringe groups are so dangerous: they cannot see the other side. This is interesting to me … Read more

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